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The Getting & Keeping Customers Convention 2020

27th – 29th September, 2020
The ICC, Birmingham UK

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The Agenda

Day 1
Sep 27
Day 2
Sep 28
Day 3
Sep 29

7:30amRegistration OpensRegistration opens from 7:30am on day one when you can collect your name badge, ‘goody bag’ full of exciting stuff and explore the Exhibition Hall before the doors to the main event open at 9:00am.

9:00amOpening SessionThe main event starts at 9:00am sharp with Nigel Botterill so make sure you’ve grabbed your seat before then – and don’t be late!

9:15amWinter isn’t coming... it’s ALREADY here!When it comes to getting customers, it’s the end of the world as we know it… but I feel fine! Rising costs, falling attention spans, GDPR, BREXIT – let’s face it, getting customers isn’t as easy as it used to be! It can easily feel like as business owners the whole world is against us but in this session Nigel will share his own strategies to break through the doom and gloom, rise above the noise and not just compete with the ‘big boys’ but win.

10:15amRapid-Fire ‘Quick Wins’Buckle up for a fast-paced, rapid-fire session where we share FIVE ‘Quick Win’ tactics, strategies and campaigns that you can deploy within 24 hours to IMMEDIATELY generate leads, enquiries and sales to help generate a stellar return on your Convention ticket investment.

11:00amBreakTime to grab a drink and explore the Exhibition Hall.

11:30amSpecial Guest: Rory SutherlandRory Sutherland is Creative Director at the Ogilvy Group one of the most successful ad agencies ever. He is a truly brilliant speaker, a highly acclaimed educator and his content may very well blow your mind. We expect this session to be one of the highlights of the Convention.

12:30pmLunchA 90 minute break so you can network with fellow attendees and explore the full-service exhibition whilst enjoying your gourmet buffet lunch.

2:00pmThe 2020 Google Gold RushGoogle has made major updates in the last 18 months, including AI, machine learning, larger ads, a transformation in Google Shopping, major prominence to ads in first position, demographic bidding, RLSA and the ability to remarket to searchers who don’t click on your ads (mind blowing!). All of that has created a new ‘Google Gold Rush’ that is making the smartest Google advertisers very, very wealthy. We’re sharing the secrets and strategies YOU need to turn Google into a rhythmic lead generating machine.

2:50pmSpecial Guest: Rob LawRob Law is the creator of Trunki (the first ride-on suitcase for kids) and a fierce slayer of TV Dragons (including Peter Jones!). Rob’s bumpy ride on the way to bringing a new product to market against all odds, overcoming the challenges around design, manufacture and export will give you fascinating and inspirational insights...

3:50pmBreakStretch your legs, grab a cuppa and check out the Exhibition Hall.

4:15pmWebsite WizardryDoes your website generate leads, enquiries and sales on autopilot?
We’re outlining the new and updated 2020 Website Checklist so you can be sure that your site ticks all the boxes and is performing at its peak. From cornerstone pillars to ‘sneaky’ tricks you can use to get more people to take action then and there, make sure you’ve sharpened your pencil because this session is going to spin off a LOT of ‘writer-downers’!

5:15pmSpecial Guest: Marcus SheridanKnown as one of the best content marketers on the planet and author of one of the most renowned business books of the past decade, Marcus will be sharing the practical strategies and tactics you can deploy to turn your website into a customer magnet attracting literally tens of thousands of visitors a month and flooding your business with enquiries, leads and sales.

6:15pmQ&A with Marcus SheridanA unique opportunity to ask your questions and get your answers from the author of They Ask You Answer! Dive deeper into a specific strategy or ask Marcus questions specific to your business - this is your chance to get genuine input on YOUR business from Marcus Sheridan himself.

6:30pmEnd of Day OneThe main content may be done but the Exhibition Hall will be open until 7:15pm to let you meet and mingle with your fellow entrepreneurs and explore our exhibitors too!

Day 1
Sep 27
Day 2
Sep 28
Day 3
Sep 29

The timings listed here are approximations. Things may change!

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Success in business really comes down to just two simple things:

Getting & Keeping Customers.

Think about it when you have enough customers, one way or another every other challenge in business gets taken care of.

Gone are the days of sticking an ad in the Yellow Pages and relying on Word of Mouth...

Nowadays, Getting Customers is hard...

Websites, Email, Social Media, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Direct Mail - it’s a minefield out there and as a busy business owner you don’t have time to master them all.

But what if, instead of one long list of things that you COULD do to get more customers, you had a smaller list – of only the things that you SHOULD be doing?

Well, in September 2020 at The Getting & Keeping Customers Convention that’s what you’re going to get.

Over three days, me and a selection of hand-picked world experts will share actual, practical, tactical ways for you to get and keep customers for your business. In a way that’s manageable and won’t overwhelm.

You’ll get tested, proven, step by step strategies and tactics that you can swipe and deploy to get and keep more customers for your business.

The event is 100% focussed on equipping you with everything you need to GET and KEEP all the customers you want for your business.

It’s very different from the usual ‘high-level-motivational-woo-woo, content-followed-by sales-pitch’ type of events that you might have been to.

This isn’t that.

In fact there’ll be no pitches. Nothing to buy. Leave your credit card at home.

Instead you’ll leave with crystal clear clarity.

You’ll go away knowing exactly what to do AND how to do it to cost-effectively get and keep customers for your business.

There’s no theory. Just proven strategies and real-life examples that are working right now to get customers for thousands of small businesses. The stuff that’s working in 2020.

It’s all happening at the International Convention Centre, the ICC, in Birmingham in September.

Look, I recognise that for any business owner, spending three days out of the day-to-day can be daunting. But think about it...

What a brilliant use of three days. Cracking the rhythmic acquisition of customers!

Do the maths and it’s 0.8% of your year in 2020. Less than 1%...

Don’t you owe it to yourself, to your business, to your family to spend just 0.8% of 2020 not IN your business, but working ON your business – finding the ways that you can grow, get more customers, make more sales, earn more profit and increase your own drawings.

That’s what this unique event is all about: making your business more successful by cracking the rhythmic acquisition of customers for you.

Sounds like a pretty good use of three days to me!

Yes, we have some celebrity guests, Peter Jones, speakers from John Lewis, Innocent Smoothies and more... but that’s not the reason you should join me and over a thousand fellow small business owners in September... should join us at the Convention because you’ll get ALL of your marketing sorted for the year. Everything you need to get and keep all the customers you want in 2020 and beyond.

That’s why you should be there; because those three days will move you and your business closer - much closer - to where you want to be.

It will be, by a country mile, the most impactful and powerful event in the UK this year for anyone running a business who wants that business to grow. And if that’s you then you really should be there.

To make that happen, you need to grab your ticket now by clicking the button below.

On the 27th, 28th and 29th of September over a thousand business owners will have their eyes opened, their minds blown and will go away fully equipped to get and keep all the customers they can handle.

Will you be one of them?

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What Past Attendees Are Saying...

Watch the video below to see what people who came to the last Convention have to say...

Without any exaggeration – simply the 2 most important days in my entire working life, thanks to the entire team!

Tom Perry, Sherpa

Without any doubt this was the best ever event the EC have put on.

Ian Jackson, Ewe Move

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It doesn’t matter how great the food is - 1,500 business owners will attend the Getting and Keeping Customers Convention in 2020 – and most of them will do so for one reason: The Content.

This isn’t your typical ‘business event’. This is 3 full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from the Entrepreneurs Circle team, experts (and a few celebrities) that have been in your shoes, achieved what you aspire to achieve and share specific, tactical methods to get and keep customers in 2020.

Here's just SOME of what we plan to cover at the Convention:

  • LinkedIn 2020 – the four cutting edge techniques that are crushing it on LinkedIn that you can swipe and deploy
  • The FIVE best-performing leaflets of 2019
  • The 6-minute campaign to turn past enquiries into fast sales
  • The solution to the all too familiar ‘Growth Stall Syndrome’ that affects all SMEs at some point
  • One proven strategy that can to 5x your lead flow and dramatically boost your profits
  • The brand new tick box checklist to writing emails in 2020 that you must follow to get your prospects clicking and buying
  • Facebook 2020: how the new algorithms, machine learning, bidding strategies and new audience options have created a formula for bringing new customers faster and cheaper than ever.
  • Our proven ‘Cinderella Win-Back’ campaign that takes previous buyers and transforms them into hot prospects once again
  • The CK2 retention strategy that keeps customers with you (and buying more!) for longer
  • 16 different proven Follow-Up Strategies – all templated so you can ‘swipe & deploy’ - that we use to increase sales by an average of 50-400%

There is no "conceptual thought" or "theoretical strategies" behind any of these sessions. Everything you discover at the Getting and Keeping Customers Convention is tested and proven to help you get and keep more customers!

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No convention would be complete without a sprinkling of celebrity and the 2020 Getting & Keeping Customer Convention is no exception.

As well as Nigel and the Entrepreneurs Circle team we’ve pulled together our most impressive line-up of speakers ever across the three days.

Speaking at the 2020 Getting & Keeping Customers Convention will be:

Headline Speakers

Peter Jones
Serial Entrepreneur & Dragons Den Star

Piers Morgan
Divisive Yet Hugely Successful...

* If you can't stand Piers Morgan, THIS is for you...

David Walliams
Actor, Comedian, Author & National Treasure

Guest Speakers

Important: We pay our Guest Speakers (quite a lot of money!) to come and share their own strategies, stories and practical advice on how to get and keep customers. It's 100% content - they won't be selling anything.

Marcus Sheridan
Author of They Ask, You Answer
and Content Marketing Expert

Back in 2008 the future of Marcus' swimming pool business didn't look good. He had to do something to generate the sales he desperately needed (even in a recession!). The solution? A unique content marketing strategy that catapulted the business from a struggling local supplier to the most visited swimming pool website in the world.

Tens of thousands of visitors, more enquiries than they could cope with and more sales than they ever dreamed. The strategy was so successful, Marcus wrote a book all about it "They Ask You Answer" which went on to become an international best-seller listed as the #1 Marketing Book of the Year in 2017.

We're flying Marcus in to the Convention in September to share his strategies and explain how ANY business can deploy them to turn their website into a customer magnet drawing in tens of thousands of visitors a month and flooding your business with enquiries and sales.

Don't miss one of the world's leading experts at content marketing and SEO share the proven tactics you should be deploying in 2020 to get and keep more customers - get your ticket today!

Andrew McMillan
Head of Customer Service - John Lewis

For thirty years he was a key part of the John Lewis story, and as Head of Customer Service for the group during its transformation into one of the country's leading retailers Andrew was pivotal in defining the brand - and the experience - that we know today. Passionate about exemplary customer service that keeps customers coming back he has unique insights to share that will enrich the 'Keeping Customers' part of the Convention.

Rory Sutherland
Creative Director - Ogilvy Group

Rory Sutherland is Creative Director at the Ogilvy Group one of the most successful ad agencies ever. He is a truly brilliant speaker, a highly acclaimed educator and his content may very well blow your mind. One of the highlights of the Convention for sure.

Helena Langdon
Head of Digital - Innocent Smoothies

As Head of Digital at Innocent Smoothies Helena sheds an entertaining light on Innocents approach to social media and customer service. Illustrating how a willingness to communicate with personality has proved invaluable to the growth of the brand. She’ll also be sharing how she made a stapler go viral (!) and other practical insights that could change how you view social media forever.

Rob Law
Creator of Trunki

Rob Law is the creator of Trunki (the first ride-on suitcase for kids) and a fierce slayer of TV Dragons (including Peter Jones!). Rob’s bumpy ride on the way to bringing a new product to market against all odds, overcoming the challenges around design, manufacture and export will give you fascinating and inspirational insights...

Entrepreneurs Circle Speakers

Nigel Botterill
Founder & CEO, Entrepreneurs Circle

One of the countries most prolific and successful entrepreneurs, Nigel doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk too. Having built nine separate million pound businesses from scratch in the past decade and with multiple prestigious awards too, Nigel will be sharing the proven strategies you can deploy in your business to get and keep all the customers you could ever want.

Michelle Squire
Head of Coaching, Entrepreneurs Circle

Michelle is one of EC's longest serving team members having worked with us for over 13 years. For much of that time, she ran our sister business, the UK's fastest growing franchise, thebestof and brings with her a wealth of experience building businesses, achieving massive scale and getting the best out of people.

Cameron Botterill
Head of Marketing, Entrepreneurs Circle

Cameron is the EC's very own Head of Marketing (probably responsible for you being on this page right now!). Always at the cutting edge of what's working now, he will be sharing the latest and greatest marketing tools and tactics that you can use to not only make your marketing much more effective, but also make your life as a business owner a whole lot less stressful.

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It's one thing to WANT to take your business to the next level. It's another to follow through and actually DO it.

That's why as well as watching celebrity guests, world renowned experts and living legends on the stage, you’ll also get actionable advice, and strategies. With the chance to get personal 1:1 support then and there at the event.

You will leave the Getting and Keeping Customers Convention feeling inspired to take your marketing efforts to the next level, but most importantly, you'll leave with a PLAN—a plan to get more customers and a plan to keep more customers. The business owners dream!


With 1,499 fellow business owners in attendance, you'll meet people who have been in your shoes, who have faced the same opportunities you have, and who have overcome the same obstacles.

You'll be among your people with likeminded, ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs from every industry covering the breadth and depth of the UK.

PLUS: this isn’t your usual dull business conference. There’s no stale coffee, no boring PowerPoints, but a whole lot of energy, lightbulb moments and of course, a sprinkling of irreverence and fun throughout the event!

This is where the entrepreneurs of the UK come together.
This is where your community of fellow business owners meets and mingles.

Deals will be done, friendships will be made.
This is THE place for UK business owners to be in 2020.

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Stand up and be proud of what you’ve achieved...

As entrepreneurs we’re always focused on ‘what’s next’. We’re notoriously bad at recognising and celebrating what we’ve achieved and how far we’ve come. The great work we do often goes unnoticed, so awards like these are a great way to shine a spotlight on the amazing things entrepreneurs all over the UK are doing to build their own businesses, put something back into their local communities and give the country’s economy a much-needed shot in the arm.

PLUS: the badge, award and kudos you get as a nationally recognised ‘Business of the Year’ is a great way to get and keep more customers too!

This year’s awards will be hosted by David Walliams so whether you want to enter yourself (applications open in January) or just want an entertaining evening learning from others – you’re in for a treat!


There’s no better place to find new suppliers, exciting approaches, network with key people and make new connections than at a proper business exhibition and that’s why the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention has an entire exhibition bolted-on to it!

During the breaks you can meet and mingle with dozens of exhibitors and suppliers to make your 3-day experience even more useful, productive and fruitful!

100% Content - No Selling Allowed

Most business events charge you to sit in a room and be sold to. We prefer a different approach!
That's why the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention is a ZERO selling event.
No guest speakers flogging their courses. No 'rush to the back of the room' sale tactics.

The Convention is just pure, quality, world-class content - so sit back, relax and enjoy the UK's best business event of 2020.

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Get Your Tickets Today With Just A Deposit:

Book Your Tickets Now
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Your Ticket To The Getting & Keeping
Customers Convention Includes:

  • Access to all 3-days of cutting-edge, practical strategies, tactics and techniques to get and keep more customers for your business.
  • Access to the Getting & Keeping Customers Exhibition – open throughout the event to meet and mingle with fellow attendees and suppliers.
  • Access to the National Entrepreneurs Awards hosted by David Walliams in the evening of Day 2 (and the opportunity to enter your business in one of eight award categories).
  • The chance to meet and network with 1,500 fellow likeminded business owners and speakers to make new connections, deals and friends!
  • Your own in-famous ‘Goody Bag’ full of freebies and SWAG.
  • PLUS: All Convention Tickets come with FOUR special bonuses (below)
Book Your Tickets Now
With a Deposit of Just £199

Invest £199 on your ticket today and the remaining balance will only be charged if you personally EARN at least £5,000 within 90 days of leaving the Convention.

In other words, if you don’t make money (fast!) as a result of what you learn at the Convention, then you’re not required to pay the remaining balance.

And here’s the best bit: we’re invoking the ‘Honour System’.

Honour System Rules

The only way we can collect on the remaining balance is when you email or call in and tell us...

"Great news, I’ve already earned £5,000 as a result of what I learned at the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention, please feel free to charge my card with the remaining balance of £300".

That’s it.

If we don’t hear from you, you’ll never be charged the remaining balance.

Now look, we’re not stupid.

We know that some attendees will make a LOT more than £5,000 and never let us know about it. And we’re OK with that – unfortunately for them, however, their success will probably be short-lived due to their scarcity minded attitude.

But we also know that ‘those people’ will be few and far between and we’re looking forward to hearing lots of great success stories from all the people who make big profits within 90 days.

The only question now is... will you be one of them?

The deadline to get your tickets to the UK’s best business event of the year is the 29th February 2020 – if there are any tickets left after then you’ll need to pay the full price (£499) in FULL immediately. So don’t miss out...

Book Your Tickets Now
With a Deposit of Just £199

The Only Event GUARANTEED To Add Thousands To Your Bottom Line:

If you leave the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention at its end, without a definitive action plan for what you need to do to get and keep all the customers your business can handle... OR for that matter, cannot specifically map out how what you are leaving with will add thousands to your business’ bottom line --- all you have to do is say so, and I’ll refund every penny of your ticket PLUS hand over £100 of my own money as a penalty for disappointing you.

It's a no-brainer!

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You also get these FOUR customer-getting bonuses with any ticket to the Convention:


The Ultimate Marketing Swipe File

Collated over the past 15 years, the Swipe File is Nigel’s personal collection of marketing that works. Never again will you start from a ‘blank page’. Swipe and deploy what’s working for others thanks to this hugely valuable 203 page asset.


The Comprehensive Guide
to LinkedIn Lead Generation

Proven strategies, tactics and scripts you can immediately deploy in your business to find, attract and convert high quality B2B leads for your business in under 60 days. Just follow the steps and you’re set!


52 Weeks of Pre-Written Content Emails

A fully-editable Word Document complete with 52 weekly content emails that you can immediately amend and send to keep in touch with prospects or customers to help build relationships and keep them coming back for more. You get TWO documents, one with emails for B2C businesses, and one especially for B2B businesses.


The 80 Hour Cash Machine

Generate an instant cash-surge in your business with this proven, fill in the blanks, templated email campaign that transforms your old leads and past enquiries into new sales and paying customers – all in just 3 and a half days!
Copy, paste, amend and send – it’s that easy. Deploy the 80 Hour Cash Machine in your business and you’ll generate enough new sales to pay for your Convention ticket (and then some!).

That's right. You get all FOUR of these bonuses with your ticket to the Convention.
Get your ticket today by clicking the button below:

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Past Speakers At
Our Events Include:

Book Your Tickets Now
With a Deposit of Just £199

Forget Everything You Ever Thought You Knew About ‘Marketing’ Events or Business Conferences...

1.All content - no selling. I said it earlier and I'll say it again: This is a content only event. You're coming to learn... not to buy.

2.World class guest speakers - you get me and my core team teaching REAL stuff that works for REAL businesses in the REAL world.

3.Module based teaching. Content will be delivered in short modules of 30-60 minutes each.

4.If you've got a question about a concept that we're presenting then you'll have chance to get an answer at the event.

5.A generous training manual with all PowerPoint presentations, examples and relevant articles will be provided.
(Gold & VIP ticket-holders only)

6.Video recordings of all sessions will be available after the event.
(Gold & VIP ticket-holders only)

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ICC (The International
Convention Centre)

Birmingham, UK

Known as one of the countries most respected and highly-regarded venues, the ICC is internationally recognised as an award-winning convention center that has hosted some of the world’s most prestigious and well-known events.

Located in the heart of Birmingham, nestled in the center of the United Kingdom the ICC is within a 2-hour drive of 85% of business owners in the country and surrounded by a plethora of restaurants, bars and hotels.

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Anybody can say "No" to opportunity or "I can't" to new ideas and strategies.
Even lazy people. People who aren’t smart

The magic in life comes when you say "Yes"...

Obviously, for you reading this right now, there’s an elephant-sized temptation to just say "no".

It is infinitely easier for you to do nothing. Put this letter down and continue with your life as it is rather than book your ticket and come to Birmingham for 3-days.

There are lots of possible excuses...

"I can’t be away for 3-days..."
"I can’t afford to go..."
"I won’t be able to find the time to implement what I learn anyway..."

I know exactly how you feel.
Because 16 years ago, I was in your EXACT shoes...

When I first started out in business, I was invited to an event similar to the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention over in the USA.

For weeks I flipped and flopped as to whether I should go or not.

I did the maths and worked out that with the tickets, flights and hotels it would cost me around £2,000 to go.

So, I did what I always did when facing a tough decision – I called my dad – who gave me some exceptional advice:

"That money isn’t going to make or break your business...
...but what you learn at this event just might..."

Smart guy my dad. So I booked the flight, the tickets, the hotel... and went.

And that trip completely changed my life.

Without exaggeration, what I learnt at that event was the trigger to all my success in business.

Genuinely, if I hadn’t attended that event, I wouldn’t be where I am now; EC wouldn’t exist and probably neither would many of my other businesses.

To think I almost decided to save the money, the hassle and do nothing – to keep ‘plodding along’ as I was... still makes me shudder 16 years later.

Thankfully, my dad set me straight.

And I am now presenting YOU with the same offer made to me all those years ago.

The good news?

The event I went to that changed everything for me was (literally!) 10x the cost of the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention (and I can tell you, it was nowhere near as useful and practical as the Convention will be for you!).

Please, do not underestimate how life-changing attending this event can be for you...

  • If you think you can’t be away for 3-days, you’ve got some pretty big problems that need a fix, fast, before the ulcers, headaches, fatigue and family arguments they produce will kill you(!).
  • If you think you can’t afford to make this kind of investment in your business (and your life!) just once a year, then you’re grossly underpaid, you have fi nancial failure on your hands – and it ain’t gonna magically cure itself!!
  • If you think you can’t find time, you are guilty of working too hard making a living to make any real money.

If these excuses are real for you, then you’re a slave, enslaved by your business, not a business owner, not an entrepreneur. And it’s time to change that once and for all.

No matter what your business does, no matter what situation you are in... you will leave the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention not only with a plan of attack, but with clear instructions on HOW to go out there and grow your business to where you’ve always wanted it to be. In fact, I guarantee it.

Say "yes" to this opportunity in front of you. Let something magical happen to you in September at the UK’s best business event – the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention.

Nigel Botterill
Founder & CEO, Entrepreneurs Circle

P.S – Don’t be undecided. That’s no way to go through life! Be DECIDED to get every possible resource, use every great idea, meet every brilliant person, do everything you can to build the most magical business and life for you and your family.

Book Your Tickets Now
With a Deposit of Just £199

P.P.S – Some people are not coming to the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention in September because "they think they’ve heard it all before".


We’re not churning out the back catalogue here.

This is not some 80’s boy band reforming.

This is as cutting edge as it gets, and it will put you light-years ahead of your competition.

Just look at how quickly marketing is changing… and not just the new, modern, technical ways of marketing your business – but changes and advances in what’s working right now with ‘oldschool’ methods too.

And because of the way we’ve structured and ordered this event, it’s all going to be packaged up in a way that is accessible, deployable and useful to you.

You ain’t heard all this before, I promise you.

Book Your Tickets Now
With a Deposit of Just £199

P.P.P.S – Planning on watching the LIVESTREAM instead?

Sorry if I haven’t made this clear enough, but…

The Convention will NOT be livestreamed.

The only way to access the content is by being in the room where it happens.

The only way to get the injection of clarity, of enthusiasm, even of motivation, that all of us running a business need from time to time, is to be there in the room when it happens.

There really has never been an event like this one (and there may never be one again!). It would be a crying shame for you to miss it for this or any other reason.

Book Your Tickets Now
With a Deposit of Just £199

P.P.P.P.S – YES, you can bring your colleagues with you!

As long as you book your tickets before the end of February, you can also bring guests with you to the Convention for just £199.

This is actually a very smart move and I strongly suggest you bring EVERYONE who plays an important role in your business.

This is also a great opportunity to bring your husband, wife or partner to the event, even if they’re not directly involved in the business so they can see what our world is all about! (Plus, they’ll have a great few days meeting some famous faces and wonderful people at the same time!).

P.P.P.P.P.S – Skipped right to the bottom of the page?

Oh, you rebel ;)

I highly recommend going back and reading this section in full – but if you’ve skimmed straight to the bottom, here’s the skinny:

  • We’re hosting the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention in September.
  • It will be, by a country mile, the single most useful, practical, eye-opening, revenue-boosting, income generating event in the UK this year for ambitious small business owners like you.
  • 3-days completely immersed and focused on one thing: Getting & Keeping customers for your business – the single most important thing for any small business owner!
  • Tickets are just £499 each (a steal!)
  • But all you need to pay now is a £199 deposit. You only pay the remaining balance (£300) if you personally make more than £5,000 within 90 days of the event i.e. you only pay AFTER you get results!
  • It’s a crazy deal (which I explain in full on this page!).
Book Your Tickets Now
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