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The Getting & Keeping Customers Convention 2020

The Single Best Event Ever Run For UK Business Owners

22nd – 24th March, 2020
The ICC, Birmingham UK

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What is the Getting & Keeping
Customers Convention?

FACT: nothing happens in business until someone buys something.

That's why getting and then keeping customers is the lifeblood of any and every business.

But, whatever industry you are in, the way you get and keep customers has changed fundamentally in recent years, and continues to change today which is why this event exists:

  • to bring current thinking
  • current insights
  • current strategies
  • current techniques
  • the things that are working now...

...and make them accessible and understandable for any and every business owner in the country.

It’s called the Getting and Keeping Customers Convention – because that’s exactly what it’s all about; helping you to:

  1. get more customers
  2. keep the ones you've already got
  3. and do it all in a way that multiplies your bottom line

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, the Getting and Keeping Customers Convention is YOUR event.

Welcome home...

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It doesn’t matter how great the food is - 1,500 business owners will attend the Getting and Keeping Customers Convention in 2020 – and most of them will do so for one reason: The Content.

This isn’t your typical ‘business event’. This is 3 full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from the Entrepreneurs Circle team, experts (and a few celebrities) that have been in your shoes, achieved what you aspire to achieve and share specific, tactical methods to get and keep customers in 2020.

Here's just SOME of what we plan to cover at the Convention:

  • LinkedIn 2020 – the four cutting edge techniques that are crushing it on LinkedIn that you can swipe and deploy
  • The FIVE best-performing leaflets of 2019
  • The 6-minute campaign to turn past enquiries into fast sales
  • The solution to the all too familiar ‘Growth Stall Syndrome’ that affects all SMEs at some point
  • How to emulate the social growth strategies people like Kylie Jenner have used to build multi-billion dollar brands
  • The ‘3x3 Growth Matrix’ that you can use to create massive, rapid growth in your business
  • How much of what worked in Online Marketing 2-3 years ago has stopped working – and why the new alternatives are stunning in their power and simplicity
  • How the changes from Google in the last 18 months, including AI, machine learning, larger ads, a transformation in Google Shopping, major prominence to ads in first position, demographic bidding, RLSA and the ability to remarket to searchers who don’t click on your ads (mind blowing!) has created a new Google Gold Rush that is making the smartest Google advertisers very, very wealthy.
    You MUST be at this Convention for this session – it’s happening on Day 1 and will be life-changing for some in the room
  • “Two Magic Words” that almost always get the highest response without being irritating
  • How to achieve your 3 year growth goals in the next 12 months
  • One proven strategy that can to 5x your lead flow and dramatically boost your profits
  • Why it’s the end of the world as we know it – (when it comes to getting customers!) –and why I feel fine!
  • The brand new tick box checklist to writing emails in 2020 that you must follow to get your prospects clicking and buying
  • Facebook 2020: how the new algorithms, machine learning, bidding strategies and new audience options have created a formula for bringing new customers faster and cheaper than ever.
  • Good old-fashioned Direct Mail – A 1 hour Masterclass on how to deploy this oldest of modern day marketing pillars properly in 2020 so that it cost effectively ramps up your profits.
  • Our proven ‘Cinderella Win-Back’ campaign that takes previous buyers and transforms them into hot prospects once again
  • The CK2 retention strategy that keeps customers with you (and buying more!) for longer
  • Instagram 2020 – should you or shouldn’t you? A simple checklist from one of the UK’s leading social media players
  • The Customer Value Imperative. The increased cost of getting customers plus lower conversion rates means that keeping customers and selling more to them is no longer an option – it’s a MUST. You’ll discover the 6 best methods for getting your existing customers to buy from you again and again…
  • The Facebook “Trojan Horse” trick that’s 8X more profitable than standard ads
  • The critical “ONE SCREEN method” that can turn your website visitors into customers even if the rest of your website is under-performing
  • 16 different proven Follow-Up Strategies – all templated so you can ‘swipe & deploy’ - that we use to increase sales by an average of 50-400%
  • Mobile First: By March 2020, mobile traffic will account for at least two thirds of visitors to most websites and upto 80% of email is now dealt with on mobile devices. This means that your entire business needs to be built for mobile users. Your ability to implement the 5 core approaches of ‘Mobile First’ will do much to determine the future of your business – and you’ll discover how at the Convention.
    IMPORTANT: 90% of web designers are blind to this seismic shift yet it’s the source of massive competitive advantage – or threat – to you when you understand and embrace it.
  • The ‘Three-Step Strategy’ to generating rhythmic leads from YouTube (it’s way easier than you might think!)
  • Why Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning are the KEY to rhythmic customer acquisition in 2020 – whether you’re a million pound business or a brand new start up – and what to do about it.
  • Video: How to cut through the fear (and the technical challenges!) to make lead generating, conversion boosting, customer-getting videos that work!

There is no "conceptual thought" or "theoretical strategies" behind any of these sessions. Everything you discover at the Getting and Keeping Customers Convention is tested and proven to help you get and keep more customers!

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No convention would be complete without a sprinkling of celebrity and the 2020 Getting & Keeping Customer Convention is no exception.

As well as Nigel and the Entrepreneurs Circle team we’ve pulled together our most impressive line-up of speakers ever across the three days.

Speaking at the 2020 Getting & Keeping Customers Convention will be:

Headline Speakers

Peter Jones
Serial Entrepreneur & Dragons Den Star

Piers Morgan
Divisive Yet Hugely Successful...

* If you can't stand Piers Morgan, THIS is for you...

David Walliams
Actor, Comedian, Author & National Treasure

Guest Speakers

Andrew McMillan
Head of Customer Service - John Lewis

For thirty years he was a key part of the John Lewis story, and as Head of Customer Service for the group during its transformation into one of the country's leading retailers Andrew was pivotal in defining the brand - and the experience - that we know today. Passionate about exemplary customer service that keeps customers coming back he has unique insights to share that will enrich the 'Keeping Customers' part of the Convention.

Rory Sutherland
Creative Director - Ogilvy Group

Rory Sutherland is Creative Director at the Ogilvy Group one of the most successful ad agencies ever. He is a truly brilliant speaker, a highly acclaimed educator and his content may very well blow your mind. One of the highlights of the Convention for sure.

Helena Langdon
Head of Digital - Innocent Smoothies

As Head of Digital at Innocent Smoothies Helena sheds an entertaining light on Innocents approach to social media and customer service. Illustrating how a willingness to communicate with personality has proved invaluable to the growth of the brand. She’ll also be sharing how she made a stapler go viral (!) and other practical insights that could change how you view social media forever.

Rob Law
Creator of Trunki

Rob Law is the creator of Trunki (the first ride-on suitcase for kids) and a fierce slayer of TV Dragons (including Peter Jones!). Rob’s bumpy ride on the way to bringing a new product to market against all odds, overcoming the challenges around design, manufacture and export will give you fascinating and inspirational insights...

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It's one thing to WANT to take your business to the next level. It's another to follow through and actually DO it.

That's why as well as watching celebrity guests, world renowned experts and living legends on the stage, you’ll also get actionable advice, and strategies. With the chance to get personal 1:1 support then and there at the event.

You will leave the Getting and Keeping Customers Convention feeling inspired to take your marketing efforts to the next level, but most importantly, you'll leave with a PLAN—a plan to get more customers and a plan to keep more customers. The business owners dream!


With 1,499 fellow business owners in attendance, you'll meet people who have been in your shoes, who have faced the same opportunities you have, and who have overcome the same obstacles.

You'll be among your people with likeminded, ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs from every industry covering the breadth and depth of the UK.

PLUS: this isn’t your usual dull business conference. There’s no stale coffee, no boring PowerPoints, but a whole lot of energy, lightbulb moments and of course, a sprinkling of irreverence and fun throughout the event!

This is where the entrepreneurs of the UK come together.
This is where your community of fellow business owners meets and mingles.

Deals will be done, friendships will be made.
This is THE place for UK business owners to be in 2020.


Stand up and be proud of what you’ve achieved...

As entrepreneurs we’re always focused on ‘what’s next’. We’re notoriously bad at recognising and celebrating what we’ve achieved and how far we’ve come. The great work we do often goes unnoticed, so awards like these are a great way to shine a spotlight on the amazing things entrepreneurs all over the UK are doing to build their own businesses, put something back into their local communities and give the country’s economy a much-needed shot in the arm.

PLUS: the badge, award and kudos you get as a nationally recognised ‘Business of the Year’ is a great way to get and keep more customers too!

This year’s awards will be hosted by David Walliams so whether you want to enter yourself (applications open in January) or just want an entertaining evening learning from others – you’re in for a treat!


There’s no better place to find new suppliers, exciting approaches, network with key people and make new connections than at a proper business exhibition and that’s why the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention has an entire exhibition bolted-on to it!

During the breaks you can meet and mingle with over 50 exhibitors and suppliers to make your 3-day experience even more useful, productive and fruitful!


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Forget Everything You Ever Thought You Knew About ‘Marketing’ Events or Business Conferences...

1.All content - no selling. I said it earlier and I'll say it again: This is a content only event. You're coming to learn... not to buy.

2.World class guest speakers - you get me and my core team teaching REAL stuff that works for REAL businesses in the REAL world.

3.Module based teaching. Content will be delivered in short modules of 30-60 minutes each.

4.If you've got a question about a concept that we're presenting then you'll have chance to get an answer at the event.

5.A generous training manual with all PowerPoint presentations, examples and relevant articles will be provided.
(Gold & VIP ticket-holders only)

6.Video recordings of all sessions will be available after the event.
(Gold & VIP ticket-holders only)

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Your Tickets To The Getting & Keeping
Customers Convention Include:

  • Access to all 3-days of cutting-edge, practical strategies, tactics and techniques to get and keep more customers for your business.
  • Access to the Getting & Keeping Customers Exhibition – open throughout the event to meet and mingle with fellow attendees and suppliers.
  • Access to the National Entrepreneurs Awards hosted by David Walliams in the evening of Day 2 (and the opportunity to enter your business in one of eight award categories).
  • The chance to meet and network with 1,500 fellow likeminded business owners and speakers to make new connections, deals and friends!
  • Your own in-famous ‘Goody Bag’ full of freebies and SWAG.
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Past Speakers At
Our Events Include:

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ICC (The International
Convention Centre)

Birmingham, UK

Known as one of the countries most respected and highly-regarded venues, the ICC is internationally recognised as an award-winning convention center that has hosted some of the world’s most prestigious and well-known events.

Located in the heart of Birmingham, nestled in the center of the United Kingdom the ICC is within a 2-hour drive of 85% of business owners in the country and surrounded by a plethora of restaurants, bars and hotels.

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